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Izy's Natural Herbal Deodorant

Izy’s Natural Herbal Deodorant is an all natural formulation of organic herbs, vitamins, and essential oils that nourish the skin and healthfully provide protection against the sun, wind, pollution, and other harmful agents. 


We also honor animal rights.  We do not subject animals to the cruel and unnecessary testing procedure common in the cosmetic industry.


Although almost anything can cause allergic reaction in susceptible people, the chances are much less likely with natural ingredients.  While many skin care products contain synthetics and animal fats that may clot the pores and or irritate the skin.  Izy's Natural Herbal Deodorant is uncanningly different.  Its rich source of vitamins, organic herbs, and essential oils are well absorbed by the skin working with the natural essential in the body, helping the skin naturally balance itself.


There is no reason to subject your skin to potentially damaging ingredients, when there is Izy’s Natural Herbal Deodorant for people of good taste.


Are you ready for a change?  Do you want to be healthier? 
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